Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Climate Change Performance Index: Global…

04-05-2015 Hits:1377 frankzou

Climate Change Performance Index: Global Shift Needs Further Action

Global CO2 emissions rise at lower rates, giving some reason to hope for limiting climate change | Canada and Australia worst performers of all industrialised countries Lima (8. Dec. 2014). Global...

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Greetings from International Program on …

23-03-2015 Hits:1265 frankzou

Greetings from International Program on Urban Governance from Taipei!

Dear colleagues, We would like to introduce an innovative and trans-disciplinary program-International Program on Urban Governance (IPUG). We deeply appreciate that if you can pass this message to all who might...

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The US and China Just Announced a Huge D…

14-11-2014 Hits:1563 frankzou

The US and China Just Announced a Huge Deal on Climate—and It's a Game Changer

President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping met today in Beijing.   In a surprise announcement Tuesday night, the world's two biggest economies and greenhouse gas emitters, United States and China, said...

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IPCC Launches Full Working Group II Repo…

14-11-2014 Hits:1470 frankzou

IPCC Launches Full Working Group II Report

The report assesses the impacts and risks of climate change and the opportunities for response   Geneva, 15 October 2014 - Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is...

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The first ETS (emission trading system) …

25-03-2014 Hits:2436 KENYON

The first ETS (emission trading system) report in China

The report is available in both English and Chinese, which can be downloaded free of charge at the links below. English - http://www.southpolecarbon.com/public/140227_Environomist_China-ETS_ResearchReport.pdf Chinese - http://dl.vmall.com/c08ax3s0sg

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Bhutan Forges Electric Car Strategy With…

07-04-2014 Hits:2311 KENYON

Bhutan Forges Electric Car Strategy With Nissan’s Help

THIMPHU, Bhutan, February 24, 2014 (ENS) – For his birthday on Friday, the King of Bhutan received two 2014 electric Nissan LEAFs, the start of a government fleet of electric...

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China under pressure in emissions target…

02-04-2014 Hits:2148 KENYON

(2014-2-11)China is facing pressure in meeting the emissions cut targets set in its pollution control plan by 2015, an environment official said Tuesday.   Speaking at a press conference in Beijing, Zhai...

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Wind and solar energy can be cost effect…

29-03-2014 Hits:2498 KENYON

Wind and solar energy can be cost effective in all countries, IEA study proves

A new study by the International Energy Agency says any country could switch 30 per cent of its annual electricity production to wind or solar for only a small additional...

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Indonesia set to ratify haze amidst ragi…

25-03-2014 Hits:3129 KENYON

Indonesia set to ratify haze amidst raging fires in Riau

As the province of Riau continues to be enveloped in haze caused by the burning of forests, the Indonesian parliament has finally agreed to ratify the Asean Agreement on Transboundary...

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Government to review priorities, plans r…

10-03-2014 Hits:2437 KENYON

Government to review priorities, plans related to environmental sustainability

The government will embark on a national exercise this year to review Singapore’s priorities, plans and projects related to environmental sustainability.   It will do so in two phases, said Minister for the...

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Hydro, wind power booms in Philippines i…

06-03-2014 Hits:3450 KENYON

Hydro, wind power booms in Philippines in 2014

Renewable energy in the typhoon-battered archipelago receive a boost as government issues green light for several proposed power plants as part of larger efforts to become 100 per cent powered...

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New study reveals the ideal model for to…

03-03-2014 Hits:3509 KENYON

New study reveals the ideal model for tomorrow's sustainable cities

New Lenses on Future Cities, published by Shell and Singapore's Centre for Liveable Cities, explains why the compact city model is key to resource efficiency, and how these cities can...

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Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in chil…

27-02-2014 Hits:2378 KENYON

Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in children's clothing of global fashion brands

Environment organization Greenpeace has found toxic chemicals in children’s clothing made by major fashion brands. The chemicals don’t pose a direct health risk but are dangerous when released into nature. Following...

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China unveils comprehensive pollution mo…

24-02-2014 Hits:3582 KENYON

Millions of people in China endure pollution – particularly air pollution – on a daily basis. The authorities, increasingly aware of the health risks posed by the often dense clouds of pollutants...

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China approves controversial nitrous dio…

20-02-2014 Hits:2538 KENYON

China approves controversial nitrous dioxide carbon offsets

Companies in China are allowed to use offsets through five regional emissions markets to cover 5 per cent to 10 per cent of their emissions. Image: Shutterstock China will allow big emitters...

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National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduct…

17-02-2014 Hits:2977 KENYON

National Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Roadmap 2020

The Ministry of Environment (MOE), a supervisory body of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, unveiled National GHG Emissions Reduction Roadmap 2020 that includes national emissions reduction target and action...

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China’s Oil Pipeline Through Myanmar Bri…

13-02-2014 Hits:3502 KENYON

China’s Oil Pipeline Through Myanmar Brings Both Energy and Resentment

Until recently, 80 percent of China’s oil and gas imports were transported by ship through a narrow waterway separating Indonesia and Malaysia, known as the Strait of Malacca. The possibility...

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Air pollution still harming health acros…

09-02-2014 Hits:3922 KENYON

Air pollution still harming health across Europe

Around 90 % of city dwellers in the European Union (EU) are exposed to one of the most damaging air pollutants at levels deemed harmful to health by the World...

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SARCS was established in 1993 with initial membership comprising of scientific and government representatives from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brunei Darussalam. Current membership has expanded to include representatives from Australia, Cambodia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Committee members are Chairs of the National IGBP Committees and regional project leaders who are engaged in the following activities at national and regional levels:

  • promoting regional cooperation in global environmental change research,
  • developing greater coherence among global, regional and national research agendas,
  • enhancing the exchange of data and the communication of research results, and
  • providing scientific information to the public and contributing inputs to policy making bodies.

SARCS is now comprised of 2 committees (Regional Scientific Committee and Regional Council) that provide leadership to assess the progress of on-going activities, develop plans for future activities and guide the overall implementation process.



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